A message from the Founder, Sarah Swain!

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You deserve to make money, doing what you love. Period.

I left the job I was great at, to pursue the work that I love. There was only one problem. That new work didn’t exist, it had no application process and nobody had ever heard of it. I had to create it. So, I did!  I have hosted highly successful group & 1:1 coaching platforms and I am the visionary behind The Great Canadian Woman™, boasting a 5-star podcast, a rapidly growing annual live event, wilderness retreats, a book currently in publication & lifestyle blog.  And, I nearly replaced my 6-figure corporate salary in my first year of making it all happen.
Often referred to as a serial entrepreneur, I have an innate ability to take an idea and turn it into reality at lightening speed in BIG ways, sustainably. Perhaps it’s my 12 years of dynamic corporate experience in leadership, process efficiency, team building, marketing, executive board room pitches, sales, project management & even loss prevention. Or maybe it’s my tenacity and will to thrive in life & business.  But, it’s likely a combination of all of the above, which provides me with a unique ability to lead, influence and generate results. I can also promptly identify the key reasons why businesses are & aren’t making money, or worse –  why they’re losing money. With an enormous network of Canadian professionals, I have linked arms with some of the most powerful business women and entrepreneurs in the industry to create ground breaking collaborative projects, services and events designed to elevate Canadian women in their life and business.


Thank you for being here, and thank you for your support! I am excited to know you!  Whether you become a client, or play the fundamental role of sharing what you love about this platform, I’m grateful for you.

Let’s raise the frequency, ladies!

Sarah Swain

Founder, The Great Canadian Woman

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