An Open Letter to Women

By Sarah Swain

Dear woman, 
She’s not intimidating, you’re intimidated. Reach out to the one you’re afraid to the most.
Ask her how she did it.
Ask her how she does it.
Ask her how she made it. 
Ask her to help you.
She will.

What triggers you about her, is a mirror for you.
Ask her to help you. 
She will.

The woman you’re terrified of judging you, is being judged – by you.
Ask her to help you understand her. 
She will.

The woman who takes the lead, hold her up. 
She’s pushing herself not for her, but for you. 
Ask her to take you with her. 
She will. 
You are her reason why she goes.

Don’t be afraid. 
Don’t push her away. 
Don’t just stand behind her. 
Stand beside her. 
She needs you to.

She doesn’t exist without you. 
Her vision is nothing without you. 
Her story is meaningless without you. 
She needs you.

Stop pushing her away. 
Ask her to stay. 
She will.

Sarah Swain

Founder & Visionary at The Great Canadian Woman


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