Growth Hurts

By Marlo Ellis

Growth Hurts.

We often hide the pain in growth. 
That doesn’t work for me. 
I am not going to show one side of my world as I’m not one dimensional, and I see the lessons all around me and in all of my experiences.

Pain isn’t always a product of bad decisions and tragedy.
Yet, we avoid it like it’s the enemy.

Some of the best decisions I ever made were incredibly painful.

Retiring from teaching to free myself to do my work.
Leaving an abusive relationship even though I still loved him.
Putting my dog down.
Closing one chapter of my life work to begin another. 
Leaving toxic friendships that didn’t go as planned.
Saying no to people I love.
Sacrificing things I wanted to do because I had to look at the bigger picture. 
Disappointing people with my decisions. 
Saying goodbye when my heart was aching.

We have painful stories that are gifts and we have painful stories that are gut wrenching.

No matter the story, we grow.

It’s not always easy to look at it as growth because the pain is so deep.

Either way growth hurts sometimes.
But we are blessed with this thing called SPIRIT that is infinitely more resilient than our physical being and can rise up and recover even in the darkest of nights, to find light.

So Goddess, I encourage you to accept the pain.
Invite it in and learn from it’s voice.
The pain may never disappear but it will adapt to your new way of living and give you space to grow and love yourself deeper, if you choose.

But it’s a choice.

Marlo xoxo

Marlo Ellis

Founder & Visionary, The Uncommon Woman

“When women share their stories of strength from struggle they are saving a life or saving a soul.”

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