She Had Enough

By Megan Harmony

She woke up one morning a different from the woman who went to bed the night before.

She was no longer going to wait.

She had enough!

Enough waiting for the perfect moment.

Enough hiding from the world.

Enough putting everyone else’s needs first.

Enough ignoring her soul.

She had seen enough pain in the world and could no longer sit by and do nothing.

She had enough of the fear. Enough of the, “who am I to do this?

She had enough of telling herself she wasn’t good enough.

What is “good enough?” She couldn’t define it.

So she let it go!

No more believing she didn’t know enough. The time had come to rise up. The time to act is now!

That voice in her head that had kept her stuck and small for so long, was gone!

There’s no room for it in this space!

No Space in this world that is desperately calling for women to stand up and speak out, share the truth from the depths of their soul, spread the hope about overcoming trauma and tragic loss and offer comfort to those who are struggling,

She knew she needed to be that voice.

To be heard, to be seen, to serve.

There was a new voice in her mind.

One of a cheerleader, encouraging her every step of the way.

You’ve got this!

It is a privilege to be in your presence!

The world needs your light!


And so she put herself out there. Raw, vulnerable & real.

And the world was a brighter place for it!

She never looked back.

She had no regrets.

For she knew her worth and she knew it from her core.

She showed up. First for herself, and then for others.

And that in itself was enough.

Megan Harmony


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