The We in Us

By Cassie Jeans

We’re all a little tired, aren’t we?
Tired of the bullsh*t and the lies.
Tired of pretending, and filtering our lives.
Tired of not saying what is on our minds.
Tired of wondering, “my gosh, what will they think?”
Tired of being deceived by our own doubts and fears.
Tired of the excuses to not live a chosen life.

We’re all a little bruised, aren’t we?
Bruised from lovers.
Bruised from peers.
Bruised from bosses.
Bruised from parents.
Bruised from our own self-righteous egoic desires.

We’re all a little lonely, aren’t we?
Lonely for another fix.
Lonely for a distraction to carry us through.
Lonely for a body.
Lonely for a child.
Lonely for a god to make us feel something cause there are parts that are dead inside.

We’re all a little the same, aren’t we?
We act like we are unique, different, separate, apart.
And maybe we are…maybe we carry whims of eccentricities around us.
Maybe some of us are a bit bolder, or a bit colder.
Maybe some of us pretend better than others do.
Maybe some of us don’t fucking cry.

At the very grips of our life, we are the same.
At the core of our indifference, we are united.
Death equalizes our loves and our losses.

We’re all scared, happy, sad, breathing, messing, coercing, agonizing, jealous, raging, loving, giving, empathizing, detoxifying, and toxifying…we’re all of it and none of it and that’s what makes us come to life.

To feel is our birthright.
To open our hearts to the world and to not care all at the same time.

We are here now.
We are here now.
We are here now…
and in the next second, we’re not.
The gift comes when we realize the grace of being alive.

Sealed with light,

Cassie Jeans

Writer & Soul  Whisperer


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